New Investment Plans
Based on the new trading conditions and corporate dividends on international exchanges, our financial and economic team has decided to add new investment plans. Accordingly, from November 18, 2018, new investment plans will be added to the old plans. We ask our monitor admins who work with us to add new plans to our list on their sites.
Nov-18-2018 05:11:13 AM
Advcash Disabled SCI
We have removed advcash withdrawal because advcash stopped all SCI linked to investment companies, We continued withdrawal through advcash till all users who made deposit through advcash were able to withdrawal all their interest and principal.
So, We will like to officially announce that the advcash acceptance/withdrawal is permanently removed. User who used advcash in the past to make deposit/withdraw, and wish to continue investing in our company can select bitcoin or any of the payment processors we accept presently.
We are sorry for all inconveniences it might have caused but it is not in our power to decide what happens in a company such as advcash. Thanks for you understanding. With 4BTC, your future starts now!!!
Oct-25-2018 07:17:25 PM
Welcome To 4BTC
I will like to use this opportunity to welcome every member of 4BTC. We at management want to assure you that your fund is secure and safe. We have implored the best security service available to secure and protect our servers.
Have Friends and family? Jump in on our amazing referral commission offer of 5%. Your family and friends will always be grateful for sharing this amazing company to them. Remember sharing is caring, so show them you care.
Oct-20-2018 09:09:55 AM

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